Part-time Vegan

My husband says I should call myself a “part-time” vegan, but I think “almost” or “mostly” vegan would be a better fit.  I am really working hard to be 100% vegan but I’m probably only at 85% now.  I eat vegan at home 99% of the time, occasionally ice cream sneaks in!  But outside the comfort of my home and my groceries I find it much harder.

It’s easy to stick to being vegetarian out there in the big bad world, but being vegan is another story.    I have to plan for my food needs throughout the day…which is getting easier for me. I have found very mobile vegan snacks.  The inconvenience of it is a struggle, but worth it for me because the bottom line is that I feel better when I eat vegan. And so I keep learning about the lifestyle.

I think if I could meet other successful, healthy vegans and vegan families it would really help. Just to have someone to share food ideas with.  I read about them, so I know they exist…other vegans I mean.  I’d like to find a doctor that’s supportive of the lifestyle as well.

There are people in my life that are supportive, but most people just don’t understand.  My husband is very supportive but doesn’t feel the same desire to be vegan. He eats vegan at home but chooses other foods when out. I worry about the future too. Like when I have kids…will they be vegan? vegetarian? What will happen when they leave the house for school and birthday parties and just life in general! I think I’m getting ahead of myself…


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