Dinner and Dessert

Tonight for dinner I ate a salad. (Cue the vegan “rabbit food” jokes!!) It was a hearty salad though and I had a veggie burger on the side so it wasn’t “just” a salad.  Both the hubs and I like fruit and nuts in our salad so tonight we had dried cranberries and both sunflower and hemp seeds.  I was seriously wishing for some avocado but we didn’t have any. 😦

I grew up eating dessert, so it’s no surprise to me that I want something sweet after dinner. Honestly I have a wicked sweet tooth so I could eat dessert anytime and not think twice! But since I have some serious weight loss goals for this year, I have to start thinking twice.  In the previous post I talked about the gingersnap sandwich cookies that I made.  These are change your life cookies.  So I thought twice… and ate one anyway.  I patiently waited while my chai tea steeped and then sipped my tea and ate my gingersnaps…yummmmmmm

I actually think I enjoy my food more and eat a more diverse diet now that I am eating vegan.


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