Where I’ve been…

Working. That’s the short answer. I have been totally swamped with teaching and grading. I’ve also taken on a second job of tutoring in an attempt to earn more money. So I haven’t been cooking as much as I’d like.  We’ve been eating quick, not so balanced meals. I’m trying to be better.

For starters we had house guests recently who are not vegan and one thing I did for breakfast was make a Oatmeal bar.  I made a big pot of basic oatmeal and then put that out with a variety of toppings. It was easy and everyone loved it!!

Oatmeal Bar

We love LOVE pizza in our house and my husband is not vegan.  So that can make things difficult on pizza night.  Here is a photo of a compromise that happened one night a few weeks ago. It just makes me smile because it’s yet another example of how my husband and I are so different! We are the “opposites attract” theory in practice. That’s pizza hummus as a base on mine. It’s AMAZING!!!

Finally, it’s Halloween and I’ve been craving candy!! I happened to have some Sweet and Sara Marshmallows which I covered in vegan chocolate. Then I sprinkled some chopped pecans on top and the results were divine! I am having a hard time not eating them all…

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow candy


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