Vegan Thanksgiving and Book Club Brunch

I did it! Two things really…I hosted a Vegan Brunch and made an awesome vegan Thanksgiving meal.  I completely forgot to take pictures of the brunch, probably because I was hosting…but here’s the menu; Mimosas, breakfast burritos, soy yogurt and granola, fresh fruit, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and herb roasted potatoes.  Those attending were not vegan or even vegetarian so I was pretty nervous about how the food would be received, but everyone cleaned their plates!

And then there’s Thanksgiving! This was the first Thanksgiving that it was just the hubs and I. We are really trying to save money and aren’t traveling to Vermont (and family) for the holidays.  Despite the fact that it would only be the two of us, I really wanted to prepare a full thanksgiving feast. With the help of Mimi Clark’s cooking classes and a very understanding husband, I crafted a delicious meal.  We decided on the Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry Roast and it was amazing! Just the right texture and flavor. I even pulled off a vegan pumpkin pie, thanks to Robin Robertson and her new book Party Vegan! Aside from the missing dead bird, it was pretty traditional meal. Check out the photos below!


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